Mary Camden and J-tin got married. Her ring is huge. BIG SURPRISE there people. [Perez Hilton]

Adele is rolling in the motherhood joy and people are still being assholes via the internet. In response, Adele throws money at her computer screen while laughing because guess what guyz? Adele gives not a single fuck what tweeters have to say. (Please note the only truth in this sentence is Adele had a baby. Everything else was courtesy of yours truly but is totally plausible, right?!) [Crushable]

Law and Order: SVU just hit 300 episodes last night. Missing Stabler pretty bad this morning. [MSNBC]

Tom Hanks drops the F bomb on GMA. Also claims to have loose leaf notebook full of women. [CNN]

What’s a week without gossip if it doesn’t include Lilo and Co.? Exactly. This week, Father of the Year, Michael Lohan, attempted to stage an intervention for his daughter. Lilo’s bf (who is this mystery man?!) refused Papa Lohan entry and the 5-0 was called. Tis a day in the life…[VH1]

Ever had a no good, very bad day? Yeah yeah yeah join the club. Alexander is finally getting his day thanks to Disney.[EW]

Taylor Swift is paranoid she’ll drunk dial Gwyneth Paltrow. [Sun]

Britney is getting married post- X factor. I’m her Maid of Honor. [Perez Hilton]

Minnie Mouse went on a serious diet/developed a serious meth problem in order to be featured in the Barney’s NY window. [People]

Lauren Conrad is so girl crush acceptable. Let’s face it- we all loved The Hills. [Monsters and Critics]

Bradley Cooper wants to be in The Hunger Games. I checked with Jen Lawrencen and she has no objections, either. [E!]


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